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Model TTM J4 / J5

  • Self-Tuning PID.
  • Blind Function.
  • Simplified Timer.
  • Priority Display.
  • Multiple Inputs : Thermocouple/R.T.D. (Pt 100 & JPt 100) are selectable by front key.
  • Compact Size.
  • Manual Control (Balance less & Bump less).
  • Digital PV Filter.
  • PID Over-Shoot Protection.
  • Heating/Cooling Control.
  • Shift setting of OFF position during ON/OFF control,for both output 1 & 2.



  • Self-Tuning PID

    Most appropriate PID constant is automatically reckoned up for control objects.PID constant is calculated when making alteration of setting value, or it is corrected when occuring disturbance/hunting etc.

  • Blind Function

    At the request, desirable parameter screen is only displayed and set up.

  • Simplified Timer

    ON/OFF setting control is available after some certain interval. Function of ON/OFF alarm output is independently usable.

  • Priority Display

    Demanding parameter screens are monitored and set up under operational mode screen.(max.9 screens).

  • Multiple Inputs

    Thermocouple/R.T.D.(Pt 100 & JPt 100) are selectable by front key.

  • Standardization of Conformity

    UL, cUL, CE, & IP 66 approved. ("S" grade is not accredited).

  • Compact Size

    It is a compact size, The depth is only 77mm! (95mm for TTM-002).

  • Manual Control (Balanceless & Bumpless)

    Manual output function is applicable for versatile applications of instrumentation systems.



  • Patterns X Steps = 64max.

    It is programmable up to "Patterns x Steps=64".

  • Standard Equipment of Time Signal/Alarm Output, RUN Signal Output and DI (RUN Signal Input)

    It is selectable by parameter either time signal output or alarm output, and RUN signal output and DI (RUN signal input)are equipped as standard.

  • Auto Tunning PID

    The auto tuning PID is performed three temperature ranges, and calculated optimum PID values.

  • Compact Size

    It is easy to install and depth is only 77mm.

  • Power supply for sensors

    Equips the power source for external supply of 12VDC, which is usable as power source for sensors ans such.

  • Standardization Conformity

    CE, UL, cUL approved and RoSH directive.

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