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Started in 1979, DIGITAL PROMOTERS is now India's leading Test, Measurement and Control hub. Instrumentation is our core business and we are dedicated to meet our Customers' every need. With our Commitment to constantly carry out the required measure for Quality Control, we have had the ISO 9001: 2015 Certification since 2003. We are also the largest distributors of major Instrumentation products and importer of power supplies.


Our vision is to be a prominent industrial leader in providing one stop instrumentation and control solutions. We aim to bring quality products and services to our customers. 


We stock a wide range of products manufactured with the latest state-of-the- art technology and are the distributors for several top of the rung manufacturers from India and abroad. Our customer base is very wide and our major clients are leading Indian companies from various industries, including Pharmaceutical, Food, Automobile, Chemical, Sugar and oil industry amongst others. Apart from Indian companies, who are the leaders in their respective fields, we are also exporting our products to neighbouring countries.


DIGITAL PROMOTERS has been in the Industry for about 40 years and has acquired abundant sound knowledge and technical expertise to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. We provide customised solutions and specialise in industrial instrumentation. We are now also providing support services for any technical /calibration services required for any application.

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