• Based on latest single chip micro-computer technology Sleek, Compact design for reliable and accurate operation.
  • Fast response time. Models available from 4 to 64 windows. Field selectable operational sequences.
  • Incorporates a group of super bright LED's instead of twin filament lamps for ultimate life at very less power consumption.
  • Actuated thro' potential free fault input contacts.
  • Fault input contacts NO/NC site selectable by means of DIP switches.
  • Opto-isolated all fault inputs, immune to noise disturbances.
  • Provision for external audible (Bell or Hooter) thro' potential free relay relay output contact.
  • All models are with built-in feather touch push buttons for Test, Accept and Reset Operations.


  • Microcontroller based technology.
  • Voltage protection along with digital voltage readout.
  • Wide range of supplu variation.
  • Unit will also work if any one phase is present.
  • Protection against Under voltage.
  • Protection against Over voltage.
  • Single Phasing & Reverse Phasing protection.
  • All the set points stable by keys.
  • Phase unbalance protection.
  • Trip Delay for Under voltage & Unbalance is stable.
  • Reverse Phasing Protection can be able to bypass through settings.
  • Indications for Low voltage, High Voltage, SPP & Relay ON.
  • Message Display for SPP, Reverse Phasing & Unbalance Faults.
  • No separate auxiliary supply required.
  • Hold feature:- Press INC key in Running condition to observe particular supply voltage.


  • Tone Reset facility can be given on specific demand.
  • Solid state design using integrated circuitry.


Masibus Loop Calibrator Model: TCS 4050M Easy to use, Precision Loop Calibrator designed to provide extended performance. Calibrating Range: -20 to 200mV (Res: 10??V, Acc: + 0.03%) and 0 to 20mA (Res: 1??V, Acc: + 0.05%)

Dickson Datalogger Model: SK 500 This Data logger features great accuracy, is compact, inexpensive and uses the DicksonWare??? software.

Meanwell SMPS Model: DRT - 960 - 24 Small size, highly reliable - the 960W Three Phase Industrial DIN RAIL Power Supply. Output ??? 24V DC.